Over on my Twitch channel, I started playing through the original Castlevania for the NES. Things were going relatively smoothly until getting up to Stage 12. I was unable to get by the Frankenstein monster at the end of the stage on the first day I played the game, but I was determined to conquer this stage on Day 2.

After a few attempts at the boss ended in expected failure, I finally had my moment of joy and achievement as I successfully lobbed a dagger through Frankenstein to wipe out his energy bar. Unfortunately, my thrill of victory was quickly transformed back to frustration as I didn’t see a stray fireball heading in my direction. And little did I know any projectiles still in the field of battle will still remain after vanquishing the boss, much to my dismay.

I feel the highlight video of this moment captures my roller coaster of emotion quite well. In one second you can see my absolute joy in finally getting by the boss that had mastered me for 24 hours and in the very next second you can see how shocked I am when I realize I have come so far only to still have so far to go.

I still have yet to get past Stage 12.

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